Saturday, 5 September 2009

Tinkering Along

Hello there, Terry!

You know I said that I'd been tinkering away again? Well, here are the fruits of my labours thus far:

You've seen the little cabochon that I usually wear with my nice white posh going out and about blouse, haven't you? This is the pixiepunk replacement, made especially for the Convivial in Lincoln this coming weekend.

Its a terrible shame that you're on the wrong side of the Puddle; Emilly, Oolon and Mr Merlin will all be there. We shall try to grab daguerrotypes for your perusal.

The backplate is from a very noisy alarm clock - I think I told you about having to hide it under Snorty's straw to deaden the racket. Once I got the straw out of the little holes, it made quite a nice mount for everything. Some of the other bits are from the Clock Man's mechanism, some
from the Rummage Man, and a few resistors we borrowed from the future. And you can't beat a few crystals. Please assure Miss Elytis that they're quite safe and there won't be a repeat of that unfortunate exploding incident.

Not to be left out, I made the Prof a nice badge (he says its not manly to call it a brooch; honestly, men!). It was his design, but he was humming and harring about actually clagging the bits together, so I did it for him.

He's foregoing his usual choice of outfits, so there won't be any leopard skin (probably a good idea, as it might be just a little bit too carnival for polite society). Instead he's aiming for what I have jestingly called 'FlyPunk (I think he took some fashion tips from Cap'n Tightpants last time he popped over for tea). He says it looks like a marshall's badge and he's inordinately pleased with it. I believe the correct exclamation at this point is "Yipee-Kiyay!"?

And then there was the experiment: some of the old watches we got from the Rummage Man were in a "not quite sure what to do with" pile. Some were so exhausted, we put them out of their misery; others were so interesting I intend to use them as they are. And then there were the not quite had it, but not quite outstanding lot. I dug out a book from our extensive library (Circus folk need to be ready to turn their hand to anything) and made a wire bezel for one of them.

It was blinkin' hard work, let me tell you. That so called craft wire was really tough to bend to my whim, so it didn't come out quite how it was in the book. The back was supposed to be the front, if you see what I mean (hence the swirly thing), but I accidentally managed to put it in the right way up and I rather like the front being the front. I know its wonky, but that's me really, isn't it?

Oops, better go, I can smell burning. And that means either Snorty's run out of water or I've left the soldering iron on again.
Be good,

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