Friday, 11 September 2009

Dingly Danglies

Dear T,

I'm glad to say that I've been at it again, this time with many sets of pliers. I've kept these ones a bit of a secret up 'til now, as the pink ones are a present for a certain red and black spotted aquaintance of ours (and you know how the post-imps can never be entirely trusted not to peek and gossip).

The blue and purple ones are mine for our outing to Lincoln. I found some more of those resistor thingies and they really are quite nifty for wiring things together. The dangly bit with the heart on is made of old watch parts, so the earrings are ever-so-slightly different. The nice lady who was training me to be a better Pixie liked them too: she's asked me to make her some!

The pink and green ones with the little stars are for you-know-who. The linky bit is something I think the Prof called a "variable resistor". Apparently you jam a tiny spanner into the slotty bit to make it more or less resitant. I think someone jamming a spanner into you would be guaranteed to make you more resistant, really, wouldn't you? Maybe this future gubbins has some sense after all; I remain to be convinced. The only problem with the stripy resistor bits is the colours they come in - I'd kill for a nice pink or purple one.

Anyway, must dash - I need to pack Snorty ready for the trip southwards. I have to dig out the smart howdah with the silk cushions and the nice tea set if i want to travel in a bit of luxury. Well, the Prof has to actually dig it out from the back of the outhouse; its far too large for me to do much with, but you know what I mean.

Be good,