Monday, 17 August 2009

Where Pixies Fear...

Dear Miss Elytis,
I said that I would write to you again when I had a piece to show you. And here it is:
I have called it "Fear to Tread 1", as one of the Prof's arty friends said that a good title is everything in these matters. It was inspired by a little pair of brass wings given to me by our mutual acquiantance, Miss Emilly Ladybird.
Sadly, the daguerrotype's colour reproduction is a little lacking, for the tones are much more rich and chocolatey on the real thing.
Although there is often some argument as to the name of the technique used, I believe it to be called shadow applique, whereby I trapped a felt shape between two layers of sheer fabric, in this case cotton organdie I had coloured with silk paints. I trapped the shape by virtue of running stitch, then set about embellishing it with wire whimsies, sequins, a few beads and some metallic threads (just back-stitch, but quite effective). Pixies do not get on well with metallic threads, but their lustrous shimmer winks at me from beneath the bed of stars by which they rest. So pretty much worth all the swearing getting them in there, then!
I intend to make a nested set, consisting of two more parts in different colours with smaller wing shapes. I can see that the Prof is refraining from making jests about tables, which will be just as well for his shins. I shall post them when they are complete.
In other news, the magical felt I require for backing my proposed brooches, medals and emphemera has arrived by courier. So now I must decide - finish what I have started, or plough on with new and exciting things!
Be good, and careful with the tea,

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