Friday, 14 August 2009

A not so quiet day at the circus

Dear Emilly,

Its been quite quiet at the circus of late, and so I have decided to raid the mysterious cupboard under the stairs (which is quite tricky when you live in a big tent) and begin making things.

What things, you ask? All sorts of things: small stitched pieces, jewellery, accessories.

How, you ask? Traditional embroidery techniques, combined with more modern influences; paper, silk, lace, wire, things I find in the Prof's toolbox.

What style, you ask? I shall call it Pixiepunk, because there's nothing wrong with a semi-eponymous title. Part steampunk, part atomicpunk, all pixie (you know, shiny things, grubby things and ribbons).

Why, you ask? Because a pixie must do what a pixie must do.




  1. Oooh how splendid, can't wait to see your pretty pixie creations ;)

  2. I can't wait to see your polymer clay fabric prints! Beats sticking small sections of organdie taped to backing paper through a bubblejet...