Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Big Restock

Dearest Em,

You were right, its quite exhausting setting up a half-way decent gift shop, knowing what to include, what to price things at and how to display them. Hopefully I'm getting the hang of it.

This is a little something I put together from the bits left over when the Prof broke all those watches apart for me. The back plates were so pretty, but I wasn't sure what to do with them. Then, one day when I was sitting looking at them, I noticed that there were two sorts and that I had three of one and two of the other. "Excellent!" I thought, I know what to do with them now. And so this necklace was born and christened "Back to Black".

And then I got to work on those lovely little tiles we found in that delightful emporium in Derbyshire. They're very unsual and absolutely perfect for the sort of things I like to make. Although they were a little tricky to put together; I kept buying headpins to attach the crystals, but all the ones I got were incredibly tough to use and I ended up with very sore hands. I think I'll stick to having little loops everywhere - its much less painful on the fingers. These are also in the gift shop, as "Black Tile"

Full of industry, I cracked on with another pair. These are lovely flat glass beads, with grids printed all over them. The grids change colour depending on what direction the light hits them, so you never quite know what they'll look like. I added a silver cog from the watches and a pale green crystal that matched one of the colours in the grid and "Off the Grid" was completed.

These ones are faboo, but actually quite simple in a lot of ways. I got the blue frames when visiting the Queen of Canada, from the wonderfully named TANK fire + metal in the Distillery District. As you can imagine, we didn't tell the Brownie that we were going there, although I'm sure he wouldn't have enjoyed it. Much. It does have a very good brewery. Anyway, the earrings: they're called "Hard to Resist".

I bet you can guess who I was thinking about when I made these earrings? Yes, that's right, our dear Miss Rothschild. The pretty little pink roses reminded me very much of our favourite clockwork girl. I do hope she isn't working too hard on her magnum opus. Even clockwork girls need time to play and have enjoy a little tea and cake. These "Pink Rose" earrings are also in the gift shop.

So, as you can see, full of busy, and now its time to get the laundry done. Snorty's boiler should be about warm enough now and he says he likes doing the washing as it means he can snort bubbles out of his trunk. He's a funny steam elephant.

All our love,


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