Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Apologies on Flutterby Wings

Dear Lady E,

Um, sorry about the whole, er, Miss, thing. I'm sure you understand, being a bit Fae yourself, that these human appellations are very confusing, especially when they seem to change them at the drop of a hat. Or maybe that should be heart...

You're not going to be offended by me calling you a lady, are you? 'Cos I can be much more insulting if you like.

Any road up, I've been busy again, as the latest daguerrotype shows. This one is for me and was really a test piece to see if these interesting ground sections from the Clock Man's clock would work as pendant bases. I think you now know the answer to that.

It was also interesting in terms of technique and the order you should or shouldn't do things. I was gluing a whole load of bits and bobs together, so popped this one into the pile. However, trying to do the wiring after the gluing was a bit of a duff idea. No, it was a lot of a duff idea, 'specially when the holes are so small and all the bits are really close together.

Still, it didn't suffer that much from me having too many thumbs today. I blame Snorty; I had to assist the Prof giving him an oil change and my thumbs are still a bit sore from all the nuts and bolts I had to tweak and preen. Mustn't grumble, though - Snorty's humming away nicely and I have a very interesting necklace (even if I do say so myself)!

Now all I need to do is purchase some pretty ribbons and some crimps and I can finish the rest of the pendants for the gift shop.

And thank you for the special tea; most restorative!


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